Next stall: 24th November, Westfailing, Hereford
Next stall: 24th November, Westfailing, Hereford
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Book launch

My first big event!

Well, I say big, it was a lot bigger than I, and I think everyone, involved expected! A book launch for Kevin Brooke, a children's writer, on his new book "Max and Luchia, The Game Makers". Coincidentally, I've read the book, and it's amazing.

I've known Kevin for about two years, and I've worked with him at the University and he's a lovely person, so when he asked if I could make the cakes for his book launch, I obviously said yes!

He requested two cakes, a Victoria sponge style cake, and a chocolate cake. As per my usual consultations, I brought a sample cake of each. They went down very well!

The Victoria sponge cake was made with my usual cake mixture, vegan and gluten-free of course! It contained vanilla buttercream and also homemade raspberry jam. The chocolate cake just had chocolate buttercream in the middle. The icing on top was drawn and then piped directly onto the cakes and made of aquafaba with icing sugar, lemon juice and food colouring.

I wasn't able to stay until the very end, but the cake did seem to be going down well whilst I was there, and I enjoyed making them. And I'd love to again!

Photographs taken by the lovely Jodie Stilgoe, who is an amazing photographer, currently working at the University too.

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Review below:

"Baking and Books provided the perfect cakes for a recent Book Launch in The Hive, Worcester. Gluten and allergy-free, and with Vegan ingredients, it meant everybody could enjoy them. Not a single crumb of the delicious cakes was left - Thank you so much!!"

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