Next stall: 24th November, Westfailing, Hereford
Next stall: 24th November, Westfailing, Hereford
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Started the BPTC!

It's not cake related, so you don't have to read this, but an update for you guys!

I'm in training to be a barrister. There we go, that was easy, what that really means is that I completed my law degree (University of Worcester) and I'm graduating with a first! I want to be a barrister, so the BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course) is that course. I'm doing it right now, which means that I have less time. It's a year long course, but I'm in 4 days a week, I've got Wednesday off!

I'm still available for cakes, and am baking as much as ever, but it just means that I might be unavailable or have to send cakes out in the middle of a week.

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