Next stall: 24th November, Westfailing, Hereford
Next stall: 24th November, Westfailing, Hereford
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The full story

Well, you've come here for the full story, so here it is...

My family is full of strange allergies, egg, wheat and dairy, so I've had plenty of practice making cakes with ingredients missing or being replaced by something else. Except, I went to University to study Law of all things! (I know, not normal progression for baker!) I started baking almost as soon as I'd settled in, but normal ingredients this time. Eggs, butter, cream, all kinds of chocolate. 

I made my friends' birthday cakes for that year, but then one of my friends went vegan. CRISIS time. But not really, if I could make a cake without egg, wheat and dairy before, I should still be able to. So I did. I found my old recipe for a chocolate cake (it's now death by chocolate, the vegan edition - if you want to try the cake that started it!) and I made it. It went down very well indeed.

The next step from that was logically to do vegan baking every once in a while, just to get back into it. So I did, every third week was vegan, that was 2017. This academic year, 2018/19, everything I make is vegan, and gluten-free. There's never any soya (unless I really can't avoid it, like certain chocolates) and certainly no nuts (I'm allergic)!

I had my first market stall over the summer, and I'm trying to juggle my legal studies to become a barrister with running this business. So far, so good. Unfortunately, a law degree doesn't give much time off, so market stalls are on hold for a while. That said, once it calms down, I'd love to do a stall every week!